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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Catching you UP

Master Calendar
For the past couple of years I have heard staff members say that they would do more around here if they knew what was going on. An idea was worked out last year to have one mutual calendar in Google that would be our MASTER calendar. It worked really well for the Department Heads & Coaches last year so now it's time to expand the calendar. This AM you were all given access to our UPHS Master Calendar. You can add, alter and see all the awesomeness happening around here to "stay in the know." Here is a video to get you started if you are new to Google Calendars.

Virtual Reality Headsets
Thanks to everyone (especially the Science Department!!!) that was able to drop by the playdate for the Virtual Reality headsets. I was able to use them already in Mr. Johnson's room, which went well, and now I'm hoping to bring them into yours. Remember that these (right now) are best deployed as a small group, rotation style resource. I have compiled a google sheet with YouTube 360 Videos subdivided by department / course. Look around in there and tell me if there is something that would be valuable to your classes. Don't see what you need? Let me know that too & I'll search it out for you.

VR YouTube 360 Lists

Green Screen is UP and Ready
You may not be aware of it, but we have an awesome Green Screen setup waiting for you, your classes, and your clubs to use for still shots, commercials, and short movies. Please let me know if you are tired of the same old projects and I'll show you how we can make Green Screen movies without blowing up your pacing guide. Take a look and see what we are already doing in our Green Screen Studio.
UPHS French Makes the News Fair and Balanced
PHS Civics Fact Check the Candidates
Ms. Prude's Murder on the Orient Express

.Net is Coming...soon
Hurricane Matthew didn't just knock out our electricity, it knocked out our email service. .ORG is a locally hosted email service that has been great for many years but hurricane pointed out the need for a system that will continue to operate when our locations are without power. Thank you all for already making the move to using .NET. When this transition happens we (UPHS staff and students) will be in great shape. Here is a tutorial for creating group contacts in Google .NET Gmail.

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