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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Chrome OS Push to v 53 TODAY

Quick UPdate for you:

ChromeBook Operating Systems: are going to be updated TODAY to v53. If a student is having any inexplicable problem today accessing a site, check for this in the bottom / side status bar.
Student can click the icon, log back in, and they will begin running the new operating system. If they update and STILL have trouble accessing a site please let me know the name of the site / application ASAP and I’ll try to troubleshoot. There are always a couple of glitches that we find after we get into it.
You shouldn't really have any issues but I wanted you to be in the know, have an idea for troubleshooting, and have a life line if your lesson is impacted.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Password Security: The Bureau of Justice Statistics (part of DOJ) reports 17.6 million Americans were victims of some form of identity theft in 2014 alone (more details here). I personally had two of my credit cards picked off virtually this year. It happens to the best of us and can carry consequences that range from annoying to financially devastating. Remember that any password, no matter how long or challenging is only a function of time. Watch this to understand that hacking isn't magic; hacking is an exercise in statistics. 

Change Your Password NOW: On October 13th 678 students were logged in as teachers on their personal devices to allow their cell phones to pull data from our government network. Those 678 students were only using 2 teachers credentials. The initial breach of security could have been my malicious intent by a student or by the willing sharing by a staff member with their child or student. In any case, we all need to take reasonable steps to ensure this sort of breach does not happen again. The networks here are for students to access content relevant information, not to engage in cell phone apps. If you believe your account has been accessed inappropriately or you have not changed your password this year, go into you .org email and change your password. Doing so will trigger a chain of automatic password resets on all MCS devices, Zscaler, and Wifi access. If students are using your information now the change will kick them off. 

Teacher Spotlight: Senorita Rodriquez I recently had the opportunity to assist Ms. Rodriguez in here Spanish classes. Ms. Rodriquez has been in the UPHS family for a good while now so we already know that she is an excellent teacher. But, I had no idea she was so good at integrating technology. Study of the day was Peru. 
--Students entered to a YouTube video of music and dancers native to Peru--
--A student presents the culture, economy, and government of Peru on Google Slides --
--Students are counted off and begin working through 3 stations--
                1) Bracelet making (replicating native crafts found in local markets)
                2) Vocabulary review card games (teams of two compete to match terms with meaning)
                3) Virtual Reality tours of Machu Picchu (my contribution)
In my subsection of the education world we talk about the invisible integration of technology; meaning the whatever technology is being used is the window through which the learning takes place, not the actual focus of the events. Alex has a lot to teach us about how to move these tech pieces in when they add to what she wants and out when they don't make sense. 

Tuesday Nov. 1st:  I am inviting all of the ELA, SS, and Science teachers to the conference room from (9:30 to 3:30) to re-introduce SAS Curriculum Pathways and maybe a couple other tips and tricks. 

YouTube UPdate: You can approve videos on YouTube! 10 second tutorial on how. Let me know if it doesn't work for you so easily.

Report excerpt from DOJ - BoJS

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Catching you UP

Master Calendar
For the past couple of years I have heard staff members say that they would do more around here if they knew what was going on. An idea was worked out last year to have one mutual calendar in Google that would be our MASTER calendar. It worked really well for the Department Heads & Coaches last year so now it's time to expand the calendar. This AM you were all given access to our UPHS Master Calendar. You can add, alter and see all the awesomeness happening around here to "stay in the know." Here is a video to get you started if you are new to Google Calendars.

Virtual Reality Headsets
Thanks to everyone (especially the Science Department!!!) that was able to drop by the playdate for the Virtual Reality headsets. I was able to use them already in Mr. Johnson's room, which went well, and now I'm hoping to bring them into yours. Remember that these (right now) are best deployed as a small group, rotation style resource. I have compiled a google sheet with YouTube 360 Videos subdivided by department / course. Look around in there and tell me if there is something that would be valuable to your classes. Don't see what you need? Let me know that too & I'll search it out for you.

VR YouTube 360 Lists

Green Screen is UP and Ready
You may not be aware of it, but we have an awesome Green Screen setup waiting for you, your classes, and your clubs to use for still shots, commercials, and short movies. Please let me know if you are tired of the same old projects and I'll show you how we can make Green Screen movies without blowing up your pacing guide. Take a look and see what we are already doing in our Green Screen Studio.
UPHS French Makes the News Fair and Balanced
PHS Civics Fact Check the Candidates
Ms. Prude's Murder on the Orient Express

.Net is Coming...soon
Hurricane Matthew didn't just knock out our electricity, it knocked out our email service. .ORG is a locally hosted email service that has been great for many years but hurricane pointed out the need for a system that will continue to operate when our locations are without power. Thank you all for already making the move to using .NET. When this transition happens we (UPHS staff and students) will be in great shape. Here is a tutorial for creating group contacts in Google .NET Gmail.